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Grab a coffee because I’ve got my buddy Rossco Paddison, an absolute rockstar in the tech and entrepreneurial space. We dive deep into the world of AI prompts, how they’re changing the game, and their place in different parts of our lives.

Rossco, being his forward thinker, brings his personal experiences to the table. He talks about his early days with AI writing tools, how they’ve spiced up his business, and the misconceptions people often have about AI.

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Meet Rossco Paddison Rossco was one of the early birds to catch the AI writing tools worm. He jumped in and started using these tools before most of us even knew they existed. Now, he’s using AI to whip up fresh content and guess what? He’s making money from it!

AI in Business Operations Imagine if you could take something that worked well for you in the past, give it a new spin, and have your audience believe it’s brand new? That’s precisely what Rossco did with AI. His experience with AI-generated webinar invitations was a hit, raking in substantial engagement.

Common Misconceptions about AI It’s easy to underestimate something you don’t fully understand, and AI is no exception. Rossco debunks the myth that AI only produces mediocre output and emphasises that the quality of input dictates the output. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Prompt Crafting for AI Writers When it comes to prompts, Rossco suggests focusing on three key things: clear objectives, sufficient context, and the desired tone. It’s like baking a cake - you need the right ingredients in the right quantities to get a delicious result.

Process of Creating with AI Rossco shares his creation process with AI - it’s like watching a movie unfold. It starts with an ideation phase, followed by creation, and refinement. The best part? He used AI to develop this very process!

Assumptions about AI Rossco challenges our assumptions about AI. He believes that AI can do anything - a belief that has served him well. He even shares a story about how he used AI to write code. Now that’s a game-changer!

Applications for Business Owners So, you’re a business owner, and you’re thinking, “How can I put AI to work for me?” Rossco’s got you covered. He suggests focusing on your most pressing business problems and using AI to solve them. His diverse applications of AI, from content writing to organisational planning, offer a wealth of inspiration.

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Resources and Tools Mentioned

Rossco mentions a couple of AI writing tools he used - Jasper and ChatGPT. He also talks about Quill, a tool that he uses to enhance the fluency of AI-generated text. Interested in the notes and methods discussed in this episode? You can find them on Rossco’s website. Rossco Paddison’s story is a testament to the untapped potential of AI. He’s used AI to streamline business operations, enhance productivity, and even code. His work is a reminder to us all - never underestimate the power of AI. It’s the final ingredient your business needs!

Get the prompt engineering structure template here - https://rossco.co/wearepodcast

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