AI and Identity: How to Preserve Your Authentic Voice feat. Ken Droz


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Learn how to master your authentic voice in the age of AI

Today, you are meeting Ken Droz, a coach and expert in AI technology. He has been an influential figure in Amy’s works, especially in the AI-aspect. If you don’t know Amy, she was our previous case study guest.

My conversation with Ken centered on the impact of AI on personal and professional identity, and how to preserve your authentic voice in an increasingly automated world. He aims to bring a human element into the AI landscape and help individuals understand how AI changes the workforce and their identity.

Meet Ken
  • Ken shares his experience with AI in the coaching space and how he's been helping people find their authentic voice.

Impact of AI on Identity
  • Ken discusses the impact of AI on personal and professional identity, and the challenge of holding on to the limitations we've known. What the potential benefits and risks of AI are, and the need for guardrails to protect against harm and empower us.

Content Generation and Authentic Voice
  • Ken highlights the role of AI in content generation and the importance of preserving your authentic voice. He goes deep in the opportunities and challenges of using AI to create content that reflects our values and beliefs.

Key Takeaways:
  • AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work, but it also poses risks and challenges to our personal and professional identity

  • The need to preserve our authentic voice in an increasingly automated world is more important than ever

  • AI can be a powerful tool for content generation, but it requires careful training and monitoring to ensure that it reflects our values and beliefs

  • The potential benefits of AI therapy to provide unfiltered support and care are enormous

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