AI-Driven precision marketing: Business revolution feat. Curtis Schmidt


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Learn how to integrate data insights into strategic initiatives

Precision marketing harnesses data-driven insights to deliver targeted and relevant messages to consumers, enhancing their overall experience and driving business success. Our guest, Curtis Schmidt, President and Chief Growth Officer MENA at RAPP, brings his expertise as a culture-focused, integrated experience, CRM, and global change management leader.

We discussed the concept of CRM and precision marketing, uncovering how businesses can integrate data insights into strategic initiatives. Curtis emphasises the ethical collection and utilisation of data, highlighting the value of first-party data in creating a comprehensive customer profile.

More in this episode:
  • CRM and precision marketing (00:02:16)

  • The importance of collecting and using data ethically (00:06:16)

  • Value creation and authentic exchange in data collection (00:07:30)

  • Cultural influences on marketing approaches (00:08:46)

  • Importance of clear and inclusive communication (00:09:30)

  • Effective communication practices (00:10:56)

  • Accessible and visual communication methods (00:11:19)

All this and more, on this episode of Amplify Ai.

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