AI team training: Mastering new intelligence


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AI team training: Mastering new intelligence

In this episode, I'll be conducting AI training with my team. We'll discuss about AI, its applications across various professions, and what sets it apart from your usual search tools or traditional search technologies. We’ll share our thoughts on effectively harnessing generative AI tools to revolutionise how we work, think, and innovate.

Continuous learning and discovery are crucial to unlocking AI's potential, augmenting our professional skills, and enhancing team dynamics. Whether you're new to the concept of AI or someone who uses AI in your daily life, it is relevant to stay ahead of the curve, deepen your understanding of AI, and integrate it with your workflow to navigate the digital world that keeps on evolving.

Coming up in this episode...
  • [00:02:35] Introduction to the power of AI in professional development and its distinction from traditional search technologies.

  • [00:05:45] Generative AI types and their unique applications, featuring hands-on demonstrations with my team.

  • [00:09:35] The importance of data quality in AI performance and the impact of skewed data on outcomes.

  • [00:13:05] Interactive AI tool exploration session, where my team and I experiment with various generative AI platforms to solve real-world problems.

  • [00:15:00] The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80-20 rule, posits that 20% of efforts lead to 80% of the results.

4 Main Key Takeaways:
  • Understanding AI Beyond Tools: Gain a deeper comprehension of artificial intelligence as more than just a tool but as an evolving partner in various professions, offering innovative solutions and enhancing decision-making processes. [00:02:35]

  • Generative AI's Versatility: Discover the distinct types of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude AI, and how each can be applied uniquely across different tasks and projects within your team. [00:02:55]

  • The Significance of Quality Data: Learn about the crucial role of data quality in AI's effectiveness and the potential biases that can arise from skewed datasets, underscoring the importance of critical evaluation and correction. [00:04:25]

  • Practical AI Applications: Through hands-on demonstrations and team interactions, find out how to practically apply AI tools in your work to augment efficiency, creativity, and problem-solving skills. [00:05:35]

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