Beyond super prompts: Crafting conversations with AI feat. Jordan Wilson


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Beyond super prompts: Crafting conversations with AI feat. Jordan Wilson

Generative AI is changing how we work, creating new opportunities for creativity and efficiency in various jobs. When technology meets practical applications, experts like my guest, Jordan Wilson, stand at the forefront of this AI revolution. He is the founder and host of Everyday AI. He has dedicated his career to demystifying the complexities of Generative AI for professionals looking to elevate their game.

With Everyday AI recognised as a Top 10 tech podcast on Spotify, Jordan's expertise extends beyond mere theory. He has practically guided thousands, from eager entrepreneurs to seasoned Fortune 100 executives, through the foundational aspects of prompt engineering, proving that the future of AI is not just for the tech elite but for anyone keen to harness its potential.

Coming up in this episode...
  • [00:02:32] The resurgence of everyday AI in 2023 was sparked by significant changes in the AI landscape.

  • [00:03:21] The strategic foresight of investing in upcoming technology waves, particularly generative AI pre-dating ChatGPT.

  • [00:06:18] Learning and adapting to AI technologies through experimentation and breaking conventions.

  • [00:07:27] Analysing prompt effectiveness in AI, stressing patience and engagement for best results.

  • [00:10:03] Critical examination of the "super prompt" phenomenon and the importance of ethical considerations in AI adoption.

  • [00:11:58] The future of AI integration in business emphasises the need for an ethical approach aligned with brand identity.

4 Main Key Takeaways:
  • Diverse Backgrounds Lead to Innovative AI Applications: Jordan Wilson's journey from journalism and nonprofit work to founding a digital strategy company highlights the value of diverse experiences in recognising and investing in emerging AI technologies. [00:02:32]

  • Generative AI's Impact on Professional Writing: Early adoption of generative AI technologies showcased their potential to surpass human capabilities in writing and content creation, marking a significant shift in how professionals approach these tasks. [00:04:23]

  • The Art of Prompting AI: Successful interaction with AI technologies requires patience and a conversational approach, rather than relying on complex prompts. This method fosters more effective and intuitive AI outputs. [00:07:27]

  • Ethics at the Forefront of AI Adoption: The discussion around the "super prompt" phenomenon and its efficacy underscores the importance of ethical considerations in AI's integration into business practices. It advocates for a responsible approach that aligns with one's brand identity and ethical standards. [00:10:50]


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