Bots to Billions: AI Transforms Business feat. Dale Beaumont Part 2


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Learn how AI implementation can lead to cost savings, increased efficiency, and better decision-making.

We’re diving back into our captivating conversation with the brilliant Dale Beaumont, founder and CEO of Business Blueprint. In our previous episode, we explored the incredible world of AI and how it’s revolutionising businesses. Today, we continue our enlightening discussion with Dale as we discuss the challenges and advice for business owners considering AI and examining the ethical and social impact of this groundbreaking technology.

Coming up in this episode …
  • [00:02:15] - The incredible case study of a bot in Australia. It sold over 12 million worth of wine in just three weeks, highlighting the power of AI in sales.

  • [00:03:05] - Exploring the importance of empathy and its value. Being more human beings rather than human doings in the age of AI.

  • [00:03:25] - Understanding the significance of adaptability and the role of leadership. Navigating the changing landscape of AI and job markets.

  • [00:05:35] Examining the job situation and creation amidst the AI revolution. Discussing the potential for an age of abundance and the need for flexible skill sets.

4 Key Takeaways from this episode
  1. Embrace the power of AI in sales and recognise the potential for exponential growth and success.

  2. Cultivate empathy and focus on being more human in the age of AI, ensuring authentic connections and meaningful interactions.

  3. Develop adaptability and leadership skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving AI-driven job market.

  4. Embrace the exciting possibilities of an age of abundance while remaining mindful of the potential challenges and ensuring a smooth transition into a new era.

All this and more, on this episode of Amplify Ai.

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