Building a creative business with AI feat. Daniel Priestley


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Learn how to elevate your business with AI integration

This episode offers valuable insights about the integration of AI in building a creative business. My guest is a truly amazing person, Daniel Priestley, an investor, best-selling author and international speaker. Building a creative business with AI opens up a realm of innovative possibilities, blending the power of technology with human creativity. Daniel will delve into the process of choosing which business processes to target with AI, and the challenges faced during integration. He explains that humans need to provide the context, setting the parameters and goals, while AI will generate the content based on the given context. His insights are mind-blowing, and trust me, this conversation will reshape how you view AI in the context of creative businesses.

Coming up in this episode…
  • Understanding the real-world benefits
    Daniel shares specific examples of how AI implementation can lead to cost savings, increased efficiency and better decision-making in a business setting.

  • The evolving perspectives
    Daniel reflects on how his understanding of AI has evolved since he first started implementing it in his own business, highlighting the rapid advancements and transformative potential of this technology.

  • Strategic Implementation
    The process of selecting which business processes or operations to focus on with AI and evaluating the potential return on investment is examined.

  • Humans Guide, AI Provides
    Daniel emphasises the distinction between humans as context creators and AI as content creators. This collaboration between humans and AI allows for powerful interactions and creative problem-solving.

4 Key Takeaways from this chat:
  1. AI in business brings cost savings, efficiency and better decision-making.

  2. AI in business demands strategic planning for seamless integration.

  3. Human oversight is crucial for ethical AI, ensuring authentic decision-making.

  4. Businesses must stay vigilant, adapt to AI trends and address barriers for ongoing transformation.


All this and more, on this episode of Amplify Ai.

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