Business & Ai Panel - Hawaii Part 1


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Exploring AI's Impact on Business Growth

This is going to be a 3-part episode, everyone. I visited Hawaii for a special event, and my conversations with everyone were deeply impactful. I can’t wait for you to watch all the episodes. But for now, here is the first segment.

Toni Bache, Carl Taylor, Jason Everett and Ed Dale are experts in their respective industries. Together with a handful of audiences, we tackled many subjects that involved artificial intelligence tools and entrepreneurship. They shared insights on how AI can accelerate content creation strategy implementation and free up time for business owners.

What we talk about:
  • Using AI as an “accelerator” to help businesses create content faster, implement strategies quicker, and save business owners time.

  • Leveraging AI to help find and develop talent for yourself as a founder and for training your team members.

  • The exponential growth potential of AI for scaling coaching and training businesses.

  • The importance of optimising AI for human happiness and well-being rather than just efficiency or profitability.

  • How AI can help solve the “blank page” problem and generate creative ideas and content.

  • There is a need for proper communication when prompting AI systems, not just programming.

Leveraging AI to Enhance Business Operations
  • Using AI as an accelerator for creating content, implementing strategies, and freeing up time

  • Overcoming the “blank page” for creative ideas and content

  • AI for finding talent and developing team members

AI and the Future of Coaching & Training
  • The exponential growth potential of AI for coaching & training businesses

  • Optimising AI prompts as “communication”, not just “programming.”

  • Ensuring AI enhances human relationships and connections

Responsible and Ethical Use of AI
  • Need for optimising AI for human happiness and well-being

  • Learning from past technologies like social media

  • Setting the right example for the future of AI

  • Keeping the human element alive in business

All this and more, on this episode of Amplify Ai.

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