Essential AI tools every entrepreneur should use


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Learn how these AI tools can improve your business operations

AI tools are like having a superpower for entrepreneurs, turning daunting tasks into a breeze and insights into action. With their help, optimising budgets feels like fine-tuning a vintage car to win a race.

In this episode, we're revisiting AI tools from previous guests I’ve received in the podcast. We'll dive deep into how these experts and business owners automate the grunt work, letting you focus on the art of entrepreneurship. At the end of the episode, make sure to visit these AI tools and see which fits with your operations.

The guests I had over and their AI tools
  • David Bunce - Hawke AI: A tool that specialises in anomaly detection and budget optimisation, helping businesses automate actions based on performance metrics and efficiently reallocate marketing budgets across platforms. [00:01:14]

  • Jere Simpson - Atlas: An all-knowing AI assistant aimed at providing immediate, comprehensive insights about your business, removing barriers to information access and accelerating decision-making processes. [00:05:04]

  • Gaurav Gurbaxani - AI Expert: A platform that builds a community and authority in the AI space by aggregating content and expertise, facilitating collaboration, and fostering a comprehensive AI knowledge base. [00:06:55]

  • Glen Carlson - Score App: Utilises AI to create personalized quizzes that help businesses understand their audience better, leading to more targeted and effective marketing strategies. [00:08:49]

  • Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens van Thiel - Axon Jay: A predictive analytics platform that interprets the digital signals of companies to forecast their future behaviors, enhancing strategic decision-making. [00:10:12]

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Stay tuned for the next episode because it’s with the one and only Cameron Herold A.K.A. “The CEO Whisperer”. We talked about how AI can help on refining modern leaders.

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