How AI can humanise healthcare feat. Biliana Barker


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How AI can humanise healthcare feat. Biliana Barker

Today we're continuing our journey with Biliana Barker, a thought leader at the intersection of technology and humanity. Previously, we started unpacking the complexities and opportunities of artificial intelligence in transforming how we live and work, especially in the healthcare sector. But that was just the beginning.

In this part of our conversation, we're going to explore not just the potential of AI to revolutionise industries but also the ethical frameworks that need to underpin these advancements. We discuss the importance of human-centred design in technology, how we can ensure that AI serves the community in the most effective way, and the challenges of maintaining privacy and security in a data-driven world.

Coming up in this episode...
  • [00:03:12] Exploring the ethical considerations in AI and ensuring technology serves the community effectively.

  • [00:04:42] The importance of collaborative efforts in shaping technology to meet human needs.

  • [00:05:42] Strategies for high-quality AI training and the role of humans as educators for technology.

  • [00:07:42] Practical advice for businesses on adopting AI ethically, focusing on data management and security.

4 Main Key Takeaways:
  • Ethical AI Frameworks: Biliana emphasises the significance of creating ethical guidelines for AI that ensure technology is an enabler, not a driver, of human actions. [00:02:42]

  • Collaboration Over Isolation: The discussion highlights the necessity of collaborative, communicative efforts in the design and implementation of technology to serve broader community needs effectively. [00:04:22]

  • Human Role in AI: The concept of humans as educators for AI underscores the need for high-quality training to create meaningful and impactful technology. [00:05:12]

  • Data Management and Security: Practical insights into managing and securing data underline the importance of ethical considerations and transparency in the use of AI technologies, especially in sensitive sectors like healthcare. [00:06:22]


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