Nature's Algorithm and AI feat. Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens van Thiel


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Learn how to find new routes where no one has ever been before on the AI level

Are you curious about the blend of nature's intelligence with the astonishing world of Artificial Intelligence? Well, this episode is nothing short of a revelation. I had the honour of talking to Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens van Thiel, the founder of Not just another tech guru, Jean-Philippe is also an avid ornithologist. Yes, you heard that right! Bird-watching meets AI—how cool is that?

Schepens van Thiel emphasized the importance of simplicity and creativity in developing effective AI solutions. He stressed the need to align human intelligence with artificial intelligence to achieve the best outcomes. We also discussed the work of and how they predict the behaviour of companies based on their ecosystem.

Here's what you'll take away if you tune in:
  • Using nature as an inspiration for AI algorithms.

  • Predicting the behaviour of companies based on their ecosystem.

  • Mapping everything to make things simple.

  • Making your map multi-dimensional by talking to people.

  • Rethinking and coming to the essence and simplicity.

  • Ethics and the impact of AI.

  • The future of AI and its impact.

  • Practical advice for business owners.

Listen to the full episode to immerse yourself in this captivating conversation and gain a deeper understanding of the fusion between nature's algorithm and Artificial Intelligence.

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