Product: Use AI to create online product that grows client case studies


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Avoid common mistakes when creating case studies

Let me tell you about this mind-blowing growth tactic. It’s like stumbling upon a hidden treasure map that guides us to create blossoming online products. Think of it as planting a magical seed in the most fertile ground, and with tender love and care, watch it flourish into a stunning garden of success stories that attract and cultivate more customers.

In this episode, I talk about:
  • Plant the Right Seed: Imagine trying to find the perfect seed that fits like a glove, addressing a specific problem for a particular audience. This remarkable seed will be the foundation for our case study flowers, showcasing the true brilliance of the product.

  • Nourish and Improve: The secret to this enchanting growth is constant nourishment. It’s like gathering the purest water, collecting precious feedback from our clients, providing them with top-notch support, and weaving improvements like threads of gold.

  • Avoid Pitfalls: Avoid the labyrinth of overwhelming clients with too many features, and instead, be their guiding star, providing just the right support throughout their quest.

  • GPT Prompts for Creativity: With GPT prompts as your faithful companion, you can summon fresh ideas, conjure landing pages, and cast spells with email templates. These prompts will be your tools for executing this tactic with finesse.

  • Feedback is Gold: Feedback from our clients is as precious as pure gold. So, treasure their feedback and use them to polish our product to a radiant shine.

  • Analyse and Prepare: Perform a SWOT analysis to foresee the risks and potential of our ideas. This way, we’ll be armed and ready to face any trials that come our way.

All this and more, on this episode of Amplify Ai.

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