What creative entrepreneurs need to know about the 3 types of AI


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In this episode, I want to talk to you about the three types of AI you need to know as a creative entrepreneur: narrow AI, general AI and superintelligent AI. It’s essential to understand the difference between them, just like knowing the difference between a bicycle, a car and a rocket ship. Each has unique capabilities and uses, and it’s essential to understand them so you’re not being misled by false information.

In this episode I cover:
  • Narrow AI is good at one specific thing, like recognising faces or recommending songs.

  • General AI is good at multiple things and can learn, understand, and apply knowledge across various tasks.

  • Superintelligent AI is much brighter than the best human brains in practically every field and could solve complex global problems.

  • Learning ability, flexibility, and autonomy are the three concepts used to differentiate between the types of AI.

  • Narrow AI is used in everyday devices like smartphones and smart speakers to make our lives easier.

  • General AI is mainly theoretical but could be used in research to make new discoveries across different fields.

  • Superintelligent AI could solve complex problems like climate change by analysing vast data and developing innovative solutions.

  • AI is like a treasure map for small businesses and solopreneurs, helping them find new ways to solve problems and create new products or services.

  • Understanding the different types of AI is essential to avoid being misled by false information.

  • AI is getting closer to the way humans think and problem-solve.

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