The future of AI in healthcare feat. Biliana Barker


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The future of AI in healthcare feat. Biliana Barker.

Today’s talk is really a light for all of us wondering about the future, where healthcare isn't just about fixing what's broken. In this episode, we're exploring the transformative potential of AI in healthcare. How is it reshaping patient care, enhancing preventive strategies, and democratising medical knowledge? Think about using AI to spot health issues before they even begin and stop them before they impact us. That's the incredible world we're stepping into.

Joining us is Biliana Barker, a founder of Seneca Advisory, whose mission is to guide healthcare organisations in fostering innovation by leveraging technology. Biliana Barker brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, sharing her experiences and perspectives on the potential of AI to change the healthcare landscape. Tune in to learn how AI is setting the stage for a healthier, happier future.

Coming up in this episode...
  • [00:05:13] The introduction to AI's role in healthcare and a brief discussion with Biliana Barker about her work.

  • [00:05:53] How AI is meeting the needs of the healthcare sector, including case studies and practical applications.

  • [00:07:23] The challenges and ethical considerations of implementing AI within healthcare.

  • [00:010:33] Future possibilities and the exciting horizon of AI-driven healthcare innovation.

4 Main Key Takeaways:
  • AI's Real-time Data Analysis: AI's capability to analyse vast amounts of data in real time can lead to more accurate diagnoses, personalised treatment plans, and better patient outcomes.

  • Preventive Care and Predictive Analysis: By leveraging data from wearable technology and other sources, AI can help in preventive care and predict potential health issues before they become serious.

  • Democratising Healthcare Education: AI and VR technologies are opening up new avenues for medical professionals and students to learn from the best in the field, regardless of geographical barriers.

  • Ethical Considerations and Data Privacy: As we embrace AI in healthcare, navigating the ethical implications and ensuring the privacy and security of patient data become paramount.


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