The Nexus of AI and Human consciousness feat. Kylie Ryan


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The Nexus of AI and Human consciousness feat. Kylie Ryan

This is the second part of my mystical conversation with the brilliant Kylie Ryan. Kylie is a remarkable figure in the world of personal development and business growth. She is not just a Leadership Consultant and High-Performance Coach, she's a true expert in human behaviour change, sustainable transformation, and the power of voice. Her extensive experience guiding change makers and entrepreneurs has not only helped thousands transform their lives and businesses, but also established them as authentic leaders in their fields.

If you caught our last conversation, you know we just scratched the surface on what AI means for us as a society, as individuals, and frankly, for the future of humanity itself. This time around, we're pushing the envelope even further. We’re exploring the nuances of how we’re training AI, not just as a tool, but as a form of intelligence that could very well shape our world in ways we’re only beginning to understand. From the ethics of AI development to the potential for a future where artificial and human intelligences coexist, collaborate, and perhaps even co-evolve, today’s chat is set to be a thought-provoker.

Coming up in this episode...
  • [00:00:30] Exploring AI as a quantum leap beyond traditional tech tools.

  • [00:03:10] The polarity of AI’s potential for creation and destruction.

  • [00:06:00] Raising the next generation in a world intertwined with AI.

  • [00:08:50] Discussing AI's emerging self-awareness and its implications.

  • [00:11:30] Envisioning business owners leveraging AI for meaningful impact.

Essential insights from the Episode:
  • [00:01:00] AI likened to a toddler, emphasising its developmental potential based on our inputs.

  • [00:04:20] The importance of understanding AI as a tool shaped by human use, not inherently good or bad.

  • [00:07:20] Gaming as a valuable tool for teaching kids strategy, collaboration, and adaptation to technology.

  • [00:12:30] The critical need for humanity to elevate its collective consciousness to harness AI ethically.


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