What creative entrepreneurs need to know about Meta's latest AI chatbot


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We're diving into the world of Meta, the company you might know as Facebook. Remember when you'd chat late into the night with your friends, typing away on that familiar blue platform? We’re exploring the chatbot of Meta, its AI, and why this should matter to you.

Whether you're a business owner, a creative artist, an entrepreneur, or just plain curious, this episode is going to light up your understanding of not only Meta's chatbot but also chatbots in general. It's going to be a short but power-packed episode, so buckle up!

Coming up in this episode...
  • Meta, has a public chatbot and AI platform that can be leveraged by business owners, creative artists, and entrepreneurs.

  • The chatbot is designed to converse naturally with people who can provide feedback to the model on how to improve its responses.

  • Meta's chatbot, known as BlenderBot 3, uses OPT175B language model to handle its language processing capabilities. This model is significantly large, with 175 billion parameters.

  • The chatbot is designed to adapt to our needs, making it a powerful tool for businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • BlenderBot 3 can save businesses time and resources, providing a personalised experience in customer service by intelligently finding and delivering information.

  • The chatbot learns from interactions, similar to how a student learns from a teacher. When a user provides feedback on a response, that feedback is incorporated into the model, helping it improve.

  • Safety measures are a key aspect of BlenderBot 3. It has been designed with safeguards to prevent it from generating unsafe, biased, or offensive remarks.

  • BlenderBot 3 is designed to be adaptable. It can remember information from previous conversations and search the internet for additional details.

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