Work with Ronsley & our team

We are a training & advisory firm focusing on helping businesses adopt the use of artificial intelligence to grow revenue, credibility and audience. Our primary differentiator is our focus on implementing AI with empathy in service of our audience. Also, Ronsley is one of the few computer scientist serial entrepreneurs on the planet.

Level 2 AiGeek

Type: 30 lessons with worksheets, video trainings, and prompts.

Unlock the power of AI to save thousands of dollars and over 14 hours per week, with a step-by-step 30-day course designed to make your writing process faster, boost profitability, and put you light years ahead of your competitors, all without needing any tech experience.

WriteFlow v3.0

Type: Software program to let your business flow.

Imagine transforming the hours you spend on content creation into mere minutes, without sacrificing quality; WriteFlow is your AI-powered writing assistant that crafts engaging, consistent, and personalised content, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

Level 3 AiGeek

Type: 12 week incubator program with coaching and training lessons

Unlock the future of your business with our 12-week AI program, designed to automate your operations, supercharge your marketing, and free you from the daily grind, allowing you to focus on what you love. In just 90 minutes a week, transform your ideas into an automated income stream, leveraging cutting-edge AI tools to 10x your productivity, expand your reach, and skyrocket your revenue and freedom.

I want a Knowledge Bot

Type: 4 week service to create a bot for your content and business

Imagine a personalised assistant that can instantly sift through your extensive library of all your podcasts and webinars. Don't let your valuable content get lost in the shuffle; with a customised knowledge bot, your audience can access targeted advice from your 50+ podcasts and webinars at their fingertips, turning your rich archive into an interactive, on-demand learning experience.

Hire ronsley be your Chief AI Officer

Hey, It's Ronsley. Let me work with you and find how AI can truly elevate your business. With hands-on experience in creating over 1,100 podcasts for businesses and an engineering degree in Computer Science with a Masters' in Software Engineering, I'll guide you through practical strategies that have proven to increase revenue, credibility, and audience engagement.

Join me, and together we'll delve into the world of artificial intelligence and voice, tailored to your business's needs. Drawing from my engineering background and real-world success in amplifying voices, I'll help you uncover innovative ways to be more productive, effective, and authentic, ensuring a return on investment that resonates with your goals.